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Returns To The Stage
Orchestra concert

21 May 2022

“From The Top” Orchestra Returns

“From The Top!” Orchestra returned to the stage in May for their first performances since March 2020. On May 21st, the Orchestra performed to a packed hall at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Whitchurch.

The Orchestra now numbers 41, from a small start of 9 musicians, and played a balanced programme with real style, skill and enthusiasm. ‘Thoroughly enjoyable’ and ‘I didn’t realise they were so good!’ were some feedback comments. Both this and the previous choir concert were in aid of DEC Ukraine and Focus Bath Counselling. We are very proud to announce that each of the charities will be receiving £1,003 from a total of £2,006 raised.

Combined with the fabulous singing and playing, this was a brilliant result for the charities. Huge thanks and congratulations go to the performers and our wonderful audiences for their generosity.

Click below to download the concert programme.

Programme 12.05.22 LDS
Download PDF • 891KB

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