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FTT Groups


The Orchestra provides an opportunity for players of all ages, Grade 4 and above, to rehearse and perform, bringing people together through the power of music! Playing in a group can be energizing, fun, team building, challenging and rewarding; above all, it enhances the positive and, like the FTT Choirs, acts as a force for good.


Our Orchestra has the standard four main sections – Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion.


The repertoire is wide and varied, ranging from symphonic movements to popular and show medleys, with original and folk pieces in between. Efforts are continually made to accommodate players’ expertise and to maintain the overall balance within the orchestra. As with many amateur orchestras we are always looking for more String players! We have instrumentalists who play regularly with other groups and players who are re-kindling their love of music after many years.


So get in touch if you think this could be for you!


Cam Valley Choir

Four-part harmony mixed-voice choirs, that are not choral societies, are not as common as all female/male choirs.


From a small start in January 2018 this choir has developed into a strong and highly successful group. Their repertoire is wide-ranging and they sing popular and reflective ballads, Celtic folk songs, show songs and spirituals with great skill and enthusiasm.


Early in the development of the choir they were very fortunate to have some coaching time with the Welsh Mezzo-Soprano Leah-Marian Jones. She also spent a coaching day with them leading up to their performance in the Mid-Somerset Festival March 2020. This collaboration is ongoing.


Our mixed voice choir sings in the four voice parts commonly abbreviated as SATB – Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. Sopranos have the highest voices that often carry the tune with the Basses frequently anchoring the lowest notes of the chords. Altos and Tenors provide the harmony lines in between.

Men Of Chew

This is a Male Voice Choir with a difference!


No blazers or ties. Just jeans, waistcoats and a tremendous love and enthusiasm for singing!!


The group first got together very successfully in early 2016 and joined From The Top in August 2021.


They won their class in the Midsomerset Festival in March 2020 and, since reconvening post lockdowns, they have continued to delight audiences with their skill and tremendous commitment.


Their programmes are always varied and distinctive with popular songs, folk songs and classics both accompanied and a cappella. They have even reached new heights with choreography!


Our men sing in three parts – Tenor, Baritone and Bass. Unlike the Mixed Voice Choir the Tenors here have the highest line and most often the tune. The Baritone vocal range lies between this and the Bass.

MOC Winners Midsomerset Festival.JPG
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