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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question but haven't yet found the answer? You'd be surprised how often similar questions come up, so here are a few of the more common questions we receive.

If you don't find the answer to your question here, feel free to Contact Us.


What music do you perform?

The Cam Valley choir repertoire is wide-ranging and they sing popular and reflective ballads, Celtic folk songs, show songs and spirituals.

The Men Of Chew choir has a varied and distinctive repertoire with popular songs, folk songs and classics both accompanied and a cappella.

The orchestra repertoire is wide and varied, ranging from symphonic movements to popular and show medleys, with original and folk pieces in between. Efforts are continually made to accommodate players’ expertise and to maintain the overall balance within the orchestra. 

Have a look at our repertoire  page for titles.


Do I need to be able to read music to join?

The ability to read music is always useful but not necessarily essential.

Choir members can still join in even if you can't read music. Lyric sheets are given to learn from and mp3 audio tracks are available to hear the music.

Music reading is essential for orchestra members to join.


Do I need previous experience to join?

Previous experience is good to have but not essential. Everyone needs to start somewhere and we're happy for you to start with us. We'll teach you everything you need to know to be part of a musical ensemble.


How often do you perform?

Each group works towards two or three concerts each year. Each is around the areas of Bath And North East Somerset and South Bristol in various venues.


When do you rehearse?

Rehearsals take place during term time on the following days:

  • Men of Chew - Monday 7:30 - 9:00

  • Cam Valley Choir - Tuesday 7:30 - 9:00

  • Orchestra - Thursday 7:30 - 9:00


How do I join?

Please contact us and tell us which group you would like to join. The first session is free and there's no obligation to continue if you don't want to.


Do I need to audition to join?

No! We welcome new people and each musical group is un-auditioned, but there are a few exceptions.

If you love singing, you are welcome to join the Cam Valley and Men Of Chew choirs. Come along to our next rehearsal for a free trial with no obligation to continue if you decide it's not for you.

The balance in an orchestra is a little more delicate to achieve, so, if you're an instrument player, please contact us to see if we have a space suitable for you. We will accommodate you whenever possible.



How do I know if I'm good enough to join?

You're not alone! Nearly everyone feels that way at first but you'll soon learn to keep up, and joining in is the best way to learn.

Many of our members hadn't sung or played for many years before starting up again with us so give it a try. Instrument players should have reached a grade 4 standard or similar.


How much does it cost to join a group?

Rehearsals cost £6 per week, paid in advance per term. No charge is generally made for performances. The first rehearsal is free so you can try it out without any obligation to continue.


Is sheet music supplied?

Yes, at no extra cost you. Rehearsal mp3 tracks are also usually made available to listen to so you can hear the music and know what it should sound like, even if you don't read music.


Where do you rehearse?

Rehearsals are held at:

Farrington Gurney Memorial Hall

Temple View, Church Ln,

Farrington Gurney,

Bristol BS39 6UA

10 miles South West of Bath and Bristol.


My question isn't listed

If your question isn't listed above, please contact us via the link below.

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